A stop to play before the World Cup?

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If you have confidence in our selection for the World Cup and you also love the game, Sochi is your city. This World Cup is presented with many possibilities for the red fury, and is that the mix of experience and youth make this selection one of the best in the world, including a goalkeeper without parallel envied in the whole world! If you plan to visit Russia, do not hesitate to choose Sochi, a city full of charm, with a lot to offer and also with a casino that has a lot of history. Decades and decades have passed through this casino so famous for its opulence and its great services.

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth visiting the casino and resort of Sochi, leave all your doubts aside, follow your heart, try something you’ve never tried before and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a place you’ve never visited: the true top of emotions!

The casino and resort of Sochi

We all know Sochi for the recent Olympic winter games held in this Russian city, but few know of the existence of one of the most emblematic physical casinos in Europe. The Sochi casino is not just a gaming site, it offers much more. From restaurants to concert halls or poker tournaments for women. The infrastructure houses 569 state-of-the-art slot terminals, 70 gaming tables (including 22 American roulette tables, 38 tables for blackjack, Russian poker, Texas Hold’em Casino, baccarat and a private poker room with 10 tables for the Club Texas Hold’em There is nothing that this casino does not offer you: a great variety of games, a great atmosphere, prices for all pockets (especially for large pockets) and a wonderful enclave near the Mediterranean Sea, so you can feel at home

And if you get bored of playing at these incredible tables, you can always organize a special event, professional photography sessions, business events or even a “shopping spree” in true Carrie Bradshaw style in Paris. Are you going to miss the opportunity to live an incredible experience and support our selection at the same time?

Prepare for the World Cup

Do you like sports betting? Train in Sochi and in your casino to develop your strategy while playing. We know that you are always going to bet on our national team but … would you like to go to Russia to support La Roja and return home winning several bets? Everything is possible! Enough of online casinos for a few days, live the live excitement of sports betting and the gaming tables of a real casino.

Always remember to play moderately and responsibly and enjoy everything that Russia offers you and the cities where the games will be held, do some sightseeing, visit the most emblematic cities, and visit the Kremlin, the former residence of the Tsar, to greet the very son of Putin.

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