Animals of luck

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There are many who have certain animals as symbols of good luck. In many cultures, animals keep a special place in the fortune of the life of human beings. It is not necessary to have an animal that gives good luck at home, in many homes you will see a small elephant statuette, a piggy bank or the leg of a rabbit on a key chain, as well as the fashionable tattoos of today.

At no deposit slots uk we want to celebrate the month of pets, playing in the most animal slots of our online casino page. But first, do you want to know which animals bring you the most luck? We list some of them below:

The cricket

We all remember that scene of Mulán in which he carried a cricket to get lucky with the marriage woman, or the famous “Pepito cricket”, the conscience of Pinocchio. But surely you do not know that killing a cricket brings bad luck. The song of the cricket is calm and makes you feel accompanied. Its power, as you will imagine, is intimately related to protection. Did you know that when someone arrives the cricket’s song stops, warning us of the presence of intruders? Go to our website and get casino bonus sans depot. Hurry up to go and start winning.

The pig

There is a close relationship between the pig and the money. And is that this Chinese tradition tells us that the pig brought good luck for any company. Although this animal is also a symbol of good fortune in cultures such as Celtic, Greek or Native American tribes.


And we do not just talk about rabbit legs. These animals are known for their powers related to fertility and childbirth, due to their incredible capacity for procreation. In addition to the well-known Easter rabbit. It is thought that this legend was born of a poor mother who had no sweets for her children and painted eggs hiding them in the garden to entertain the children and found a bunny nearby, thinking that he had laid eggs.

Other animals of luck

Do you think these were the only animals of luck? The elephants, the beetles and even the owls attract the good luck of those who bring them close.

Slots with lucky animals

Find the following slots in our game room:

Piggy riches

These rich little pigs will take you to great winnings and free spins between Wild, Scatter symbols that will multiply your winning combinations. The pigs may not fly, but they will make you fly!

Wonky Wabbits

This online slot offers you many advantages. Luck comes loaded with these crazy bunnies. It has 15 pay lines, the possibility of winning 390,000 coins at a time and forms winning combinations from left to right and vice versa. We already warned you that these rabbits were a bit crazy!

Dragon Island

Many already know the importance of the dragon in Chinese culture. In Casino777 we wanted to pay tribute to such a majestic animal with one of the best slots on the market. The symbols Wild, Golden Wild and Scatter will take you to great profits in this island of magical dragons. Beyond 15 payment lines await you!

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