Extravagances in the casino

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In this globalized world, people want to stand out. And the best way many people find doing it is by being bizarre, extravagant or adapting an attitude outside of the norm. This behavior is not new and has occurred throughout the history of mankind. Break with the established and make obeisance to the transgressor, that is the goal of extravagance.

Therefore, casinos are a space that does not get rid of the extravagances of players entering their rooms, especially if they are large casinos that host millions of people every year, as happens in large gaming complexes like Las Vegas or Macau. . Do not miss this article from new no deposit slots uk to learn more about these unpredictable players.

Whimsical players

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When the big punters go to Las Vegas, they expect to be treated like royalty and spend a weekend living in a musical, and all in exchange for making bets. Moreover, they expect these benefits to come from a particular person: the casino host. Go to our website and get casino bonus sans depot. Hurry up to go and start winning.

The hosts have a job that in theory would be comfortable: sell the action of the casino to people who do not really need a lot of pressure, and give them free stuff so they can bet big. For this they need to have a proactive relationship with the clients, fix any problem or inconvenience perceived by the guests, maintain close links with the guests and provide gifts according to the player’s bets.

For this reason, the most complicated players who require more care always find a host to fulfill their whims, among whom are to clear a table to play alone, reserve entire rooms, have a chef working for them day and night. or pay hostesses to accompany them.

Curious note. Donald Trump was one of these “whales” of the game. In fact, he once organized a special session for him in Atlantic City, on the top floor of Trump Plaza. Trump became so nervous that when the house had a lead of a few million, he canceled the game against the furious Kashiwagi, who was ejected in a white Rolls-Royce.

The most extravagant casinos

As long as the odds are good, high rollers can play anywhere. But for most people, gambling is a form of entertainment, and the environment is part of the experience, which is why the most popular casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco have such exaggerated designs.

The designers and architects of the casinos understand what kind of scenarios the betting public in general wants. Some places take a modern form with LED lighting and elegant furniture. Other casinos opt for a more classic appeal with chandeliers, mosaics and marble carvings such as the lobby of the Venetian Macau or classic roulettes. Whether classic or modern, the most elegant casinos in the world stand out for their opulence. And it is this opulence that the most exaggerated and unpredictable players seek in most cases.

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