Literature in Casino?

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“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”

Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll), 1865 novel

Who would have thought that literature and games would be related in any way? Well, there are many more things that unite them that separate them. And is that games have the same principle as any fiction novel: intrigue, mystery, fantasy and especially tons of imagination. The difference is that with the books the image is projected in your mind, while with the games or online slots, you can see them graphically and enjoy the story on a screen while having fun. We all remember the first novel that we really liked, with which we learned to really see what the author wanted to convey to us.

For that reason, at Casino777 we have thought about making a summary of the literary characteristics of the games that are among our cast, so you can choose with what to fantasize while you play and win in our online casino.

Literature and the game

The imagination that books provoke us, makes us disguise, invent games when we are children, etc. When we are adults, we prefer to take our time and remember those novels that made us fly through the most popular games. An example is the famous video game Assasin’s Creed, influenced by a 1938 novel by Vladimir Bartol Alamut. The novel is set in Alamut, a Persian fortress where the Iranian capital is located today.

But not only video games have literary allusions. Online slots are often based on great classics of literature. Among those who have inspired the greatest games are the fanciful “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Wizard of Oz”.

However, these formats are not the only ones inspired by fiction stories. To them board games are added, in which you must follow the clues of detective Sherlock Holmes and find out who committed the crime, or role-playing games like the “Arabian Nights”, “Game of Thrones” or the “Lord of the rings “, as well as interactive card games or games accessible from your computer.

Games with literary influences at Casino777

In Casino777 we are not far behind and among our featured literary slots, we can find “Red Riding Hood”, known in Spanish as Little Red Riding Hood, “Alice Adventure”, a tribute to Alice in Wonderland, “The invisible man” based on the HG novel Wells or “The Phantom’s Curse”, which is also influenced by the mythical novel of the phantom of the opera which in turn is a musical in many of the great capitals of the world.

If you want more information about these slots, enter our blog and know all the features offered by these novels made a game and start to win thanks to the imagination of providers such as NetEnt or iSoftBet.

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