Women, men, casinos and vice versa?

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How can we know with certainty what drives men or women to enjoy one game more than another? While it is true that the percentage of people who go to a casino is fairly balanced in terms of genres, it is also true that these games are divided into preferences for one or the other sex. According to several surveys, in general, women prefer recreational games, online slots or that can be played on any mobile device, while men show preferences for board games, role-playing, and cards. In one, the images abound, the thematic background and the ambient music, in the other, the strategy, the action, and the risk. Can you now guess why some games are chosen?

Slots in the female world

According to polls, the vast majority of slot players are women. And although it is not known with certainty what makes them play more slots than any other game, we can imagine some of the reasons why they decide to play these arcade machines, either physically or online. It is possible that this is due to the fact that the gaming tables seem more competitive, combative and judgmental. After all, playing slots nobody tells you how to play, nor do they tell you how to play your hands, in addition to having new slots on a weekly or even daily basis, in some casinos. Online slots and their players have a love relationship hateful to explain. If you start playing a slot for its theme but you soon realize that it is not giving you the results you want, you usually change to another that you do not like so much but that gives you the earnings you expect from an online slot. In addition, many of these themes are obviously aimed at a female audience, with the exception of some slots such as Drive Multiplier Mayhem, or table games such as Blackjack Multi Hand VIP.

Board games in the male world

Board games are usually dominated by men. Why? Apparently, aggressiveness and competitiveness attract games such as dice (by 90%), blackjack or poker. They do not mind being fans who do not know how to play well, a risk is part of the tables and the challenges we all love when we compete against other players. It is no coincidence that the biggest bettors in casino table games are mostly men. In addition, by statistics men tend to spend more money than women. 52% of women spend approximately less than € 10 a week on gambling, while 64% of men choose to spend above that amount. Always remember to play responsibly and take into account the healthy game recommendations.

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